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 I invite you to visit my candle lit serene environment, where I will help you regenerate, refresh and relax as you walk into new victories of everyday life

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EUPHORIA MASSAGE THERAPY-30 mins. $30.00/ 60 mins. $55.00/ 90 mins. $75.00 120 mins./ $120.00

Customized combination of deep and Swedish massage techniques performed to ease muscle soreness, relax and detox from head to toe.

HOT STONE- 60 mins/ $45.00 - 90 mins/ $85.00

Warmth from naturally formed river stones enhance the effects of this popular massage. heated stones are used to strategically promote relaxation and healing. Energy and heat differentiate this treatment from other massages and keep clients coming back

Himalayan Stone Massage- 60 minutes/ $55.00

Smooth Stones heated and then lubricated with essential oils, the therapeutic effects of the heat are used to relax the muscles more deeply, reduce tension, relieve pain also inflammation. As the nutrients from the stones enter the body it activates your natural healing mechanisms allowing your body to restore its natural balance. Himalayan Salt Stones are also anti-micro bacterial.

HEAD IN THE SKY: 30 mins/ $30.00 - 60 mins/ $45.00

Designed for the head, shoulders and neck where most people hold tension. Swedish massage strokes such as circling movements, kneading thumb pressures systematically relax the muscles and relieve tension.

 PRENATAL MASSAGE: 60 mins/ $55.00

Improve overall health, a woman should receive a prenatal massage during pregnancy. Ultimately, prenatal massage has been shown to improve labor outcomes for both mother and child. Prenatal massage helps a pregnant woman to relax tense muscles, and reduce stress and anxiety associated with labor. It also works to relieve pain

HOT/COLD STONE FACIAL MASSAGE: 30 mins/ $30.00 - 60 mins/ $40.00

Great for Headache and Migraine. River stones are placed from face to decollate while slowly using Swedish strokes to relax and ease tension areas contributed by stress or anxiety.

Improve your state of mind/ lifestyle/ recover from trauma, environmental stress and internal pathogens with this traditional Chinese Medicine.
Enjoy some quiet time after your massage in our relaxation room where you can listen to some spa music, while reclining and breathing in your choice of healing essential oil and sipping on a cup of herbal tea. This can be added onto any massage session.

Chair Massage- $1.00/ minute or call for group discount rates

Relax on a plush reclined chair while a combination of massage strokes are used to the neck, back, head, arms and hands. Great for events or employee appreciation gifts, spa parties, bridal showers, lunch break pick up or corporate gatherings.

Couples Massage: enjoy one hour of Euphoria Massage Therapy Session served with a choice of  wine/cider or infused water and strawberries you can add hot stones, facial's or foot detox to enhance the moment. We also offer dinner or fruit fondue for a romantic retreat. starting at $75.00/couple



Paraffin Wax Treatment- $15.00 - Relieve aches and soreness in the joints of the hands or feet by dipping in soothing paraffin wax which includes an array of mixtures to choose from. Perfect for carpal tunnel and arthritis

Hydrotherapy Detox Treatment- $25.00- Bask in a foot spa of lavender, peppermint or tea tea with a detox mineral foot soak while a light exfoliation is applied followed by a cooling mask with moist, warm towels. Best spa treatment for on the goers!!

                                                               SPA SERVICES

Microderm Spa Facial- Therapeutic mineral lavender infused hot towel is applied to relax and rejuvenate, microderm abrasion peel used with a warm rotating brush to exfoliate. Hot towel and moisturizing cream follows for a fresh, rejuvenated facial treatment. 

Green Tea Spa Facial- Relax your senses with a therapeutic mineral lavender infuse hot towel, the warming green tea masque is applied  with a fan brush technique to massage  and enhance the heating benefits.

EUPHORIA GREEN TEA FOOT DETOXwarming green tea mask, hot towels, exfoliation, hot stone feet and leg massage. 60 minutes/ $45.00
EUPHORIA RELAXATION MELT AWAY: paraffin wax dip, hot towels, leg and feet massage, exfoliation- 60 minutes/ $55.00
EUPHORIA REFLEXOLOGY HAPPY FEET: reflexology session, hot towels, exfoliation 60 minutes/$65.00

***Don't forget my first time client massage treatment is only $35.00***


Bridal Packages available which includes: Massage Retreat for Bride and Groom, Bride and Bridesmaids spa day or Groom and Groomsman Men Day Out










Touch For Health$45.00 / 60 minutes
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